About Us

About the foundation

We are a private international Foundation «Snow Leopard Foundation» This organization was founded in February 2018 by Kazakhstan businessman, philanthropist and public figure Mr. Nurali Aliyev.


Our goal:

Restoration of snow leopard population in Kazakhstan

Our task:

Breeding of snow leopard in the nursery and subsequent reintroduction into natural habitats

Time and place:

Today, the vicinity of Almaty, where the snow leopard is still found


How do people around the world solve the problem of the disappearance of large felines?

To preserve and restore large felines that are threatened with extinction, a program has been created that provides for the possibility of preserving animals by breeding and rehabilitating them. Special centers with aviary complexes are created for the subsequent reintroduction of large predators in which work is carried out on the breeding and rearing of calves.

What is being done in Kazakhstan?

One of the most important tasks of the Republic of Kazakhstan is to preserve the snow leopard population on its territory. The Republic has hosted a number of events over the last years to support the conservation of these very special animals. The Snow Leopard Retention Strategy (2011) and the National Action Plan for the Protection of the Snow Leopard (2015) have been held.

Where snow leopards live

Snow leopards are sparsely distributed across 12 countries in central Asia, from southern Russia down to the Tibetan plateau, including Mongolia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal.

They’re usually at home in high, rugged mountain landscapes at heights of over 3,000 metres – and climate change may shrink their available habitat.

In the global program for the conservation of the snow leopard and its ecosystems, which was adopted in Bishkek in 2013, two key areas of Kazakhstan were nominated - the Northern Tien Shan and the Zhetysu (Jungarsky) Alatau


Nurali Aliyev is a founder and shareholder of Capital Holding JSC, shareholder at Transtelecom JSC. Founder of the ZHANARTU charity foundation. Maecenas of the “Mother’s Home” charity project. President of the Federation of Mountaineering and Sport Climbing of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

20 June

Nurali Aliyev launched a «Kingdom of Snow Leopard» Conservation Project in Kazakhstan

Johan Nilson, famous explorer, a Guinness World Record holder, will become the Ambassador of the First International Snow Leopard Foundation in Kazakhstan. Official ceremony of the private international Snow Leopard Foundation was held in Almaty featuring Nurali Aliyev, prominent businessman and philanthropist, as a founder.

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